We are Otogi-Koubou.

“Music” is a part of art and is accompanied by the release of emotions.
“Technology” that contains inorganic elements backed by science.
These two are both contradictory and common.
We deepen and pursue both music and technology. And we will seek the point of contact where these two intersect.

  • company name
    Joint Stock Company Music Technology Research Studio
    (Abbreviation: Otogi Kobo)

  • Headquarters location
    3-48-9 Nakanohigashi, Aki-ku, Hiroshima-shi, Hiroshima, JAPAN 739-0323
    TEL +81-82-824-8816 FAX +81-82-824-8817

  • president
    Shuichi Ogura

  • Main business
    Sales of musical instruments, audio equipment, etc.
    Social education, cram school, liberal arts / skill teaching business.
    Management of professionals such as artists.
    Production of TV, radio, music, etc.
    Writing and translation business.

  • related company
    Hirakawa Work Inc.
    Hirakawa-IT Inc.